Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The 4 pillars - need urgent attention

India is a developing country, one of the fastest growing economies, one of the biggest economies in the world, world’s largest democracy. Being an Indian, I feel proud whenever I see these things in the media. However I feel lots more need to be done for India to be called truly a developing nation.

Education Reforms:  This the foremost reform that the government should address.

  • Just implementing RTE is not good enough, providing quality education at the primary level is the most important thing.
  • There should be a school every 1KM (depending on the population) which provides at least till 6th standard.
  • There should not be more than 30 students in class. This helps the teachers in assessing the students individually.
  • Do not burden the children with exams. A project is a better way in assessing the students at this level.
  • Provide proper infrastructure for children to play. Children need to go out and play for the betterment of the physical fitness and mental relaxation.
  • Provide good exposure for children on subjects other than academics. This ll help children of economically weaker sections.
  • Increase the wages of teachers. This is the most important of all the things. There is no other way we can attract bright and young professionals for teaching other than by increasing the pay. They are the most important people in the world and they should be treated on par with other professionals. I am sure there are thousands of quality teachers who couldn’t take up the profession because of the pay. This results in people with lesser qualification to take up the teaching profession.
  • Remember, India is the land which made two of its teachers as the President. So I hope the government ll certainly look in to this issue.

Police Reforms: The next in the line which requires urgent attention is the police reform.

  • Again, the first and the foremost thing are to increase their pay and provide better environment. An average salary of 15 to 20K per month is certainly not enough in the age of rising inflation. No wonder why police asks for bribes. On top of it, a traffic constable standing under the hot sun in Chennai is certainly a daunting task. I am sure better work environment and pay ll reduce the bribe they take from common man.
  • Make sure people do not fear police. A common perception nowadays that a police can register a false case against anybody if they don’t toe their line. Only if this perception goes, people ll be ready to come out and fight against the day to day problems they are facing. I am sure there is some solution for this to happen and it’s the duty of the government to find a suitable solution.
  • Monthly or quarterly appraisal is certainly the need of the hour, esp Tamil Nadu police who have this habit of having a big tummy soon after joining the profession. These days most of the criminals are physically fitter than the police.
  • Police are the protector of the law and if we cannot keep them happy, it ll become a serious problem in the future.

Electoral Reforms: The next in the line of reforms which needs government’s attention

  • Put a cap on the usage of money during elections. If this does not happen, then all the black money ll be easily converted to white money.
  • Basic qualification for the candidates standing in the election. I am sure no explanation is needed on why we need this reform.
  • Conduct in Parliament should be one of the main criteria for people looking for re election. A good conduct is absolute necessary and should be one of the main qualifications while filing the nomination papers. When, conduct certificate is more important in schools and colleges is it not necessary for the same in Indian Parliament and assembly when the members stoop to very low level so often. It is like degrading the dignity of the house.

Agricultural Reforms: With the introduction of food security bill, the demand is just going to shoot up and if the issue on supply is not addressed properly it ll be a major disaster for India. It is high time, the government bring in 2nd green revolution before crisis sets in. Since I am not an expert in agriculture I certainly cannot suggest anything to the government. So I leave it to them to take whatever steps they need to increase the supply.

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